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Platinum resistive temperature transducer. Design3 (type DL-head)


This temperature transducer is applied for temperature measurement in systems of control and automatic regulation of different purpose.


Тhe temperature transducer represents a phenoplastic casing with an unscrewing lid, a protection tube of stainless steel and a gland entry for a cable. A sensing element is settled in a protection sleeve.

Electrical connection of the sensing element with screw for an external cable connection is made corresponding to 2-wire, 3-wire or 4-wire circuit.


Connection with external devices is made with the help of the appropriate section cable and the amount of wires recommended in the circuit.

The cable connects to the circuit with the help of screws and nuts.

Technical Features

Measuring temperature range,°С from 0 to plus 160 from minus 50 to plus 180
Mounting part length, mm 60...3150
Wiring diagram (circuit) 2-wire; 3-wire 4-wire; 2-х 2-wire
Class А or В (СТБ EN 60751) or, AА
Thermal response time,s 30
Fastening in-situ
Protective fitting,mm ∅6 ∅8
For measuring temperature range 0-160°С recalibration interval 4 year;

from minus 50 to 180 recalibration interval 4 years for other - recalibration interval 2 years.

Connecting Diagram of the Sensing Elements


The temperature transducer is mounted to a pipeline with the help of protective sleeves and weldolets or immediately with the help of the appropriated fastening elements of the temperature transducer dependently on a performance of fastening elements.

The leaden seal is fixed through a lid opening, or through a seal opening in a fitting.

Fastening Elements Design Examples

Installation in a protective sleeve

It’s recommended to mount the temperature transducer without any installation elements to a pipeline with the help of protective sleeve of design 2 and with the help of weldolet BP1 (or BP2).

Mobile Fitting

It’s recommended to mount the temperature transducer with a mobile fitting to a pipeline with the help of protective sleeve of design 1 and weldolet BP1 or BP2 or it’s also possible with the help of protective sleeve of design 4 for immediate installation at a pipeline.

Mobile Nut

Fixed Fitting

The temperature transducer with mobile nut and fixed fitting are applied for immediate mounting to a pipeline with a client’s fastening element.

Design Examples

Design ∅D, mm Lраб, mm Fastening NSH Class Circuit tраб,°С
ТСП-Н 6 60 Mobile fitting М20х1,5 Рt100 В 2-wire 0...+160
ТСП-Н 6 80 Protective sleeve Рt100 А 4-wire -50...+180
ТСП-Н 8 100 Fixed fitting М20х1,5 Pt500 В 2-wire 0...+160
ТСП-Н 8 120 Fixed fitting М20х1,5 Pt500 А 4-wire -50...+180
ТСП-Н 8 160 Protective sleeve Pt500 В 4-wire -50...+180
If you want to order not mentioned designs you should follow technical features of the resistive temperature transducer.