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Platinum resistive temperature transducer. Design5 (type PL-head, 6 mm)


This temperature transducer is applied for temperature measurement in control systems of automatic regulations of different purpose.

The temperature transducer should be used with a protective sleeve.


This temperature transducer consists of a sensing element, which is located in a protection tube ∅6, also of a threaded bushing, terminal block, corps of aluminum and a lid.

A lid is mounted to the corps through a rubber washer and is fixed with two screws. Thus pressure tight joint is achieved.

A threaded bushing has an oblique cut to fix a temperature transducer in a protection sleeve to prevent access to the circuit without any sanction without breaking the leaden seal.


The temperature transducer is mounted to a pipeline with the help of protective sleeves of design 3 and weldolets BP1 or BP2.

A protection tube is fixed in a sleeve by a screw to prevent access to the circuit without any sanction without breaking the leaden seal.

Technical Features

Measuring temperature range,°С from 0 to plus 160 from minus 50 to plus 180
Mounting part length, mm 60; 80; 100; 120; 160; 200; 250
Wiring diagram (circuit) 2-wire; 4-wire;
Class А or В (CTБ EN 60751)or АА
Thermal response time, no more than, s 6
Fastening Mounting to a protective sleeve
Protective fitting, mm ∅6
For measuring temperature range 0 - plus 160°С recalibration interval is 4 years;

minus 50 - plus 180°С recalibration interval 4 years.


Connecting with an external device is made with the help of the proper section cable and the amount of wires corresponding to the temperature transducer circuit.

The cable is connected with the circuit through a terminal block with the help of nuts and pucks.

Design Examples

Design ∅D, mm Lраб, mm Fastening NSH Class Circuit tраб,°С
ТСП-Н 6 60 in a sleeve Pt100 В 2-wire 0...+160
ТСП-Н 6 80 in a sleeve Pt100 А 4-wire -50...+180
ТСП-Н 6 100 in a sleeve Pt500 В 2-wire 0...+160
ТСП-Н 6 120 in a sleeve Pt500 А 4-wire -50..+180
ТСП-Н 6 160 in a sleeve Pt500 А 4-wire 0..+160
If you want to order not mentioned design you should follow technical features of this resistive temperature transducer type PL-head.