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Platinum resistive temperature transducer “Needle”. Design 8


The temperature transducer is intended for temperature measurement of loose liquid and soft media in stationary and mobile control systems of different purpose.


This temperature transducer consists of a sensing element, which is located in a sharp-ended protection tube, an accessible shaft for temperature transducer manipulation and a flexible cable for a connection with an external device.

Technical Features

Measuring temperature range,°С from minus 50 to plus 180
Mounting part length, mm 100
Wiring diagram (circuit) 3-wire; 2-wire;
Class В (СТБ ЕN 60751)
Fastening -
Protective fitting, mm ∅4
Recalibration interval, years 4


Connecting with an external device is made with the help of the proper section of a flexible cable and the amount of wires.

Design Examples

Design ∅D, mm Lраб, mm Fastening NSH Class Cicuit tраб,°С
ТСП-Н 4 100 In-situ Pt100 В 3-wire -50...+180
ТСП-Н 4 100 In-situ Pt100 В 2-wire -50...+180
ТСП-Н 4 100 In-situ Pt500 В 3-wire -50...+180
ТСП-Н 4 100 In-situ Pt500 В 2-wire -50.+180
If you want to order not mentioned designs you should follow the technical features and ordering diagrams of some concrete resistive temperature transducer TSP-N.