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Platinum Resistive Temperature Transducers Set KTSP-N


The sets are intended for measurement of temperature and temperature difference of heat carrier in systems of control and automatic regulations in power engineering and heating systems.

The sets are produced according to ТУ of RB 300044107.008-2002 in accordance with СТБ EN 60751 and СТБ EN 1434 as recited in claims on a resistive temperature transducer.

Selection of the Temperature Transducers

The sets should be selected at the automation-equipped working places according to the methods worked out at the enterprise, which have been methrologically certified and were introduced into production in 2000.

To select a correct set on should calculate the errors of the effective range temperatures and temperature difference using the primary calibration results of measurement in three calibration points.

Picture 1. The Set Error out of the Accepted Values
Picture 2. The Protection Sleeve Influence on the Set Error.

The КТСП-Н resistive temperature transducer sets consist of the platinume resistive temperature transducers ТСП-Н, adjusted to each other by the identity of individual statistic features and the level of absolute error minimization during the measurement of temperature differences within the entire measuring range.

Maximum permissible relative error of measuring temperature difference: Class 1: ±(0,25+1,5Δtmin/Δt) Class 2: ±(0,5+3Δtmin/Δt)

The usage of the selection method in three calibration points is stipulated by getting the real information about absolute error distribution of all measuring range when temperature measuring difference has different values.

This method allows finding out error output value of the set more accurately in comparison with the selection method in two calibration points (picture1).

The refuse to use zero-point and steam thermostats with temperature pattern dissimilarity no more than 0,005 makes it possible to select temperature transducers in sets with high accuracy and minimal measuring temperature difference by the means of calibration with methrological reservoir of accuracy to MOZM R75 recommendations.

Measuring Temperature Difference

The КТСП-Н sets are used to measure temperature differense within the range from 2(3)°С to 150°С.

Measuring Temperature Range

The КТСП-Н sets are used to measure temperature ranging from 0°С to 160°С.

List of Equipment

The КТСП-Н sets mounted to the protective sleeve are stocked with weldolets and sleeves ensuring minimal influence on the set measurement error (picture 2).

The protective sleeves influence on measuring temperature difference results is always controlled.

Diagram symbols of resistive temperature transducers set КТСП-Н