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Resistive temperature transducer set. Design 6 (type DS-cable).


The set is intended for measurement of temperature and temperature difference in systems of control and automatic regulation of heat quantity.

The set is used for an installation at pipelines to the point of DN 25.


The set is selected according to the method MP VT 047-2002 in three points of the resistive temperature transducer ТСП-Н.

The temperature transducer mounted to a delivery pipeline is signed by letter “Г”, and mounted to a return pipeline by letter “X”.


They are installed immediately in valves, T-couplers, etc. through a transitive nut.

When they are installed immediately in a ball valve, it’s became unnecessary to lighten the systems while mounting and to change a temperature transducer after the recalibration interval has been finished.

Technical Features

Measuring temperature range,°С from 0 to plus 160
Mounting part length, mm 27,5
Wiring diagram (circuit) 2-wire; 4-wire;
Class В (СТБ EN 60751)
Fastening Mounting to a protection sleeve
Protective fitting, mm ∅3,7

Design Examples

Design ∅D, mm Lраб, mm Fastening NSX Class Circuit Δt,°С Cable, m
КТСП-Н 4 27,5 Fitting М10x1,0 Pt500 В 2-wire 3...150 1
КТСП-Н 4 27,5 Fitting М10x1,0 Pt100 В 2-wire 3...150 1,5
If you want to order not mentione variant you should follow the technical features and ordering diagram of the КТСП-Н set.